GoogleTest and CMake

This is a quick recipe for setting up CMake to use googletest in your projects. First, make a tests folder in the root of your project. Then, add add_subdirectory(tests) to your CMakeLists.txt, after you’ve finished adding the libraries in your project. Note that the way I’ve written this probably requires CMake 3.4+.

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GTest Submodule

Note: There is a better way to do this described here.

If you’ve ever tried apt-get or brew to try to install gtest, you are probably familiar with the fact that gtest is not “recommend” for global install on your system. As an alternative, the recommendation is that you make it part of your project. The process for making gtest part of your project, however, is not well documented, at least for modern git projects. What follows is the procedure I used to do so.

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